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Image of Mnemonic
  • Image of Mnemonic
  • Image of Mnemonic

multi color front and back silkscreen on black Comfort Colors tee, 100% ring spun cotton

Johnny Mnemonic is a 1995 cyberpunk action film directed by Robert Longo in his feature directorial debut. William Gibson, who wrote the 1981 short story, wrote the screenplay. Keanu Reeves plays Johnny, a data courier with an overloaded brain implant designed to securely store confidential information. The film, set in 2021, portrays a dystopian future wracked by a tech-induced plague, awash with conspiracies, and dominated by megacorporations and organized crime. Takeshi Kitano portrays the CEO of a megacorporation attempting to suppress the data; he hires a psychopathic assassin played by Dolph Lundgren to do so. Ice-T and Dina Meyer co-star as Johnny's allies, a freedom fighter and a bodyguard, respectively.

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